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Jan 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
business, and policy leaders. they leave april 8 and will promote clean energy, california products and tourism. >>> felon sentenced today in connection with a shooting and sexual assault at the occupy oakland encampment. he agreed to a plea deal, he pleaded no contest to four felonies. being an accessory to a shooting near the occupy oakland encampment in 2000 and being involved in a sexual assault 5 days later. >>> mayor ed lee was asked about how he felt about oakland's decision to hire william bratton. mayor ed lee said he is surprised he is talking about the police procedures he will suggest for oakland. >> i was surprised that former chief bratton talked about it. but i think she doing the same thing i did. thinking outloud about the things that -- outlet loud about the things that out to be -- out loud about the things that ought to be considered. >> he is working to reduce violence in detroit. >>> most of us are try -- dry right now. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the system and which parts of the bay area will get wet. >> showers falling in the valley today
Jan 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
truckloads of dirt in the ballpark. all that dirt will be used to build the track for the monster energy ama supercross race. this is the third year the evident has been held at the coliseum and promoters actually keep the dirt stored on the facility grounds all year. the race is set to begin friday night at 7:00. >>> tomorrow pennsylvania congresswoman spiers will question u.s. air force brass about sexual abuse. >> when you're more apt to be assaulted by someone in the military than the enemy we have a big problem. >> reporter: army officials in san antonio texas are accused of raping female soldiers. >> if they need to fix the system they need to speak to us because we know. we were hurt by it. >> reporter: military social assault victims armed with boxes of petitions stormed congress. they are angry that officials were questioning air force officials behind closed doors. >>> a young man who testified at the trial of jerry sandusky has now filed a lawsuit. the man called victim six in court papers filed the suit today and against the charity he started and the university. according to the
Jan 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
as much energy as it uses on game days. once the team starts playing there. the niners announced the deal to install several solar panels in the stadium. >>> well, politicians know very well pleasing constituents always comes first. maybe that's why baltimore-born pelosi is backing the 49ers and not the ravens. pelosi said growing up, she was a ravens' fan, but her constituency is san francisco. pelosi puts it this way, i'm rooting for the 49ers. i'm not rooting against baltimore. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage leading up to super bowl xlvii. we are following the team as they prepare for the game in new orleans. we're also sending crews to the big easy. plus, you will find updates on >>> some dangerously low temperatures are hitting the northern central and northeast states. an arctic air mass is hovering over the region for a fourth day and the forecast says the big chill will continue right on into the weekend. one woman in minnesota suffered frostbite on her toes after running out of gas on the highway. >> an hour before we got here, i just started crying. i couldn't
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3